Where to Buy?

Sneak over to your local game store to buy terrain.

Toxic Rat’s Dungeon Terrain is available in our online store, and at the following friendly local game stores:

Gamer’s Inn (American Fork, UT)

The Product and Pricing List is a complete listing of stock terrain modules and boxed sets currently available. You can email us at orders@pymapper.com if  you would like to order from that list.

Custom parts and modules are also available upon request.  Be sure to include the part number (TRI-xxx) and the finish (cobblestone or smooth chiseled) for each item that you are ordering.

Shipping & Handling Costs

Online orders are handled through our online storefront.  Depending on the size of the order, we ship using USPS Priority Mail, or via UPS.  Either way, we charge a flat rate of $15 per order, and online orders over $125 will receive free shipping.  Of course, local pickup is always free.  If your order is small enough to qualify for less postage, we will happily refund the difference.

When selecting local pickup, we can arrange to leave your order at one of our affiliate stores, or we can arrange an alternate delivery location.  Local pickup currently only available in Utah and Salt Lake Counties.

To minimize damage in transit, each piece is individually bubble wrapped, and the entire shipment is insured.  In the event that something does break, please contact us and we will file the appropriate claims with the shipper, and work to replace the items.

No need to hide, order some terrain today!  It’s an easy DC to make your dwarves happy with some new terrain.